Freelance/Operator Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement

Last updated: 19 November 2021

1. Freelance/Operator Task

  • Freelancer/Operator works anonymously in the company through a virtual profile and is tasked with inspiring customers to engage in continuous discussion.
  • The user must comply with the rules and instructions for writing messages.

2. General Implementation of Agreements

  • Freelancer/Operator ensures that they have access to a computer equipped with an Internet connection. Work is done only through the service provider's message platform. Freelancer/Operator is responsible for the costs of using the Internet.
  • An independent freelancer/operator is aware that they are performing an independent business or an entrepreneur. Freelancer/Operator undertakes to accept independent orders from which they may accept or reject at any time. is not responsible for the execution of the contractor's mandate or the provision of the service. This is especially true, but not exclusively, in the field of messages and content. An independent freelancer/operator is solely responsible for the messages they write. has no impact on the messages that are written and is therefore not responsible for them.
  • Freelancer/Operator works independently.
  • Freelancer/Operator organises hours of work as they see fit, insofar as there are no restrictions or conditions imposed by If a freelancer/operator is given a list of services, then the working hours are binding. Freelancer/Operator informs the company as soon as possible of any obstacles to work that last five days or more.
  • The company is not obliged to pay freelance/operator compensation for services not offered to freelancers/operators.
  • All subcontracting and/or external participation in freelance/operator assignments is subject to the prior consent of the company.

3. Payment/Invoicing/Taxes

  • Freelancer/Operator is paid according to the company's current payment schedule.
  • Payments are made weekly to freelancers/operators every Monday if the minimum payout amount of €50 is earnt and valid payment details have been submitted correctly on the website.
  • If payment details are invalid or payments fail to be accepted, or the earned amount is less than €50, then the amount earned carries over to the next month.
  • The Freelancer/Operator is themselves liable to pay taxes and other charges, if any, on any income and/or revenue that may be due to it.
  • Freelancer/Operator is obliged to take out its own health and pension insurance.
  • Smaller amounts of less than €50 will not be paid out, even upon termination.
  • In the event you have made any material misrepresentation or omission, including but not limited to using a false or fake ID, using a false or fake name, or any other dishonest or unethical conduct; or you (or anyone affiliated with you) engage in any conduct which may adversely affect the reputation of, or goodwill associated with the brand; or in the event of your termination of employment prior to a payment disbursement being settled, all of your rights to payment of any accrued earnings shall be immediately and irrevocably forfeited.

4. Privacy/Exclusive

  • During and after the contract work, the Freelancer/Operator commits to the obligation of professional secrecy for all confidential matters and processes they experience during their contract work. These issues concern in particular future development projects, customer records, other business secrets media, the flow of technical activities, and all information related to operator services and business strategies.
  • The obligation of professional secrecy referred to in the first paragraph shall apply in particular to the internal website of the company and to the information on this site. Professional secrecy also includes training documents and other documents, as well as all assignments or requests for support for orders under Article 1 of this Agreement that are submitted to freelancers/operators. The confidentiality obligation also applies to any received and sent an email that contains information related to the company's activities.
  • The amount of claims is not limited.
  • Freelancers/Operators are not allowed to save, use or share any private data they may get access to whilst working for
  • Within the scope of the tasks referred to in Article 1 of this Agreement, the freelancer/operator acts solely in the name of the company. The confidentiality agreement is valid for six months after the end of the work and for the materials and information owned by the company permanently.

5. Miscellaneous provisions

  • If any of the content of this Agreement is considered invalid or becomes invalid in the future, or if the Agreement contains a defect, it will not affect the remaining parts of the Agreement. In order to replace the existing clause or to close the loopholes, an appropriate provision should be introduced which best corresponds to the regulation agreed by the parties.