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How does it work?

Do you want to make some extra money? From home or wherever you want to work? Do you have a great imagination, and are you open-minded and creative? Then this job as chat-operator is something for you!

You can start right now as chat-operator, where you reply to messages. You decide your own working hours. You will find the highest payouts with us.

We offer a competitive payout and individual supervision. If you work more also your payout will increase. You can decide independently how much money you want to earn.

Experiences of other operators

I am working for about a year as chatoperator now, after trying lots of other jobs. I am hugely enjoying myself after a year, you are being treated as a person and not as a random number. The payouts are always on time, nice coaches and plenty of work. I am looking forward to my next years as chatoperator.

- Ellen

Since some time I am working as chatoperator. It is really nice that I can log in at any time, and there is always work to do. Friendly and competent coaches, who are always willing to help you. Paychecks are top, because it is extra appreciated if you did a great job. I could not say it any better, I have found my ideal job, and it is from home! Also the weekly payouts are great!

- Patrick

I have found the perfect job for me. In other chats I ran into empty boxes and did not make enough money. Here it is like heaven, plenty of work. My monthly salary is very good, I can do the things that I want when I want. I process about 50 to 100 messages an hour and by pushing the limits every time to get a sliding scale higher. I make up to 16 euro an hour!.

- Maria

What can you expect?

We give you your own personal coach. You have Skype & e-mail contact with your coach.
If we see positive developements we let you free in when and how much you login, no schedule. You process at least 250 messages a week.
We pay you 10-17ct per processed message. You comply our quality requirements and keep to the instructions of your coach.
We will payout weekly by invoice. You are responsible for your own earnings and the taxes.
We are provide you with messages, at all times. You have a creative mindset to make customers come back to you.
We are a reliable company. You are reliable, speak and write English to a high level and have PayPal.

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